Mass Effect - Bring Down the Sky

Mass Effect - Bring Down the Sky 1.2

"Bring Down the Sky" is the first downloadable add-on for the Mass Effect saga
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Made available on May 28th, 2008 in the US, "Bring Down the Sky" is the first downloadable content for the Bioware epic role-playing action saga "Mass Effect".
In 2183, a machine race attacks various planets in our Galaxy, threatening the human and alien races that populate those planets. Assuming the role of Commander Shepard of SSV Normandy, the player has to investigate and neutralize this threat.

"Bring Sown The Sky" adds two hours of gameplay and introduces a new race, Batarians. Starting with a message received from the fleet command, this quest drives the player to the Asgard system where batarian extremists have hijacked an asteroid and set it on the crash course toward the human colony of Terra Nova. Commander Shepard and his crew have to fight their way through the terrorists and stop the fatal descent. Depending on player's choices during the game - whether one plays as a Paragon (good guy) or as a Renegade (bad guy) - the story will result in different outcomes.

This add-on to the game is as good as the original game and is free of charge for both Xbox and PC.

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  • Adds new action to the original game
  • Free


  • No new weapons, skills, or playable characters
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